Taylor Ros

"We're adding 15-30 new members every month"

Taylor Ros

Before Gym Launch, Taylor Ros was a struggling gym owner, feeling lost and struggling to find the perfect balance between providing for his family and spending time with them.

Within his first four months of joining Gym Launch, Taylor managed to double his monthly revenue. This massive increase in revenue was achieved through the effective strategies and guidance provided by Gym Launch.

By following Gym Launch's actionable steps, Taylor is now able to strike the perfect balance between his work and personal life. As a result, he can be home and watch his daughter grow up while still maintaining a successful business.

Every month, Taylor adds 15-30 new members to his gym, allowing him to have a more significant impact on people's lives and help them reach their fitness goals. This consistent growth in membership helps him build a profitable business that continues to change lives for the better.

Taylor Ros' success story highlights the power of Gym Launch's strategies and actionable steps. By doubling his monthly revenue, finding the perfect work-life balance, and consistently growing his membership, Taylor has become a leading example of what gym owners can achieve with the right guidance and support.

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