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"Since working with Alex I was able to cut my attrition in half by just implementing a few of his tactics. Gym Launch and their team are simply the best and actually care about your success. If you want to save thousands and make thousands read this book."

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Keep Clients Coming executing the 5 horsemen of retention

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Get More Clients...and show you how to do it without needing a marketing budget

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By Amazon Customer on October 30, 2017 🇺🇸
Alex doesn’t hold back. If this doesn’t get your blood pumping to put into action every point Alex clearly explains…maybe owning a gym isn’t the best thing for you.

Not Just For Gyms

By Amazon Customer on January 31, 2023 🇺🇸
Alex Hormozi is a genius, and his simple plans to launch and market gyms can be applied to a host of small business categories. Definite must read.

Insightful & Informative

By Amazon Customer on December 15, 2021 🇺🇸
I enjoyed reading and listening to Alex’s success stories. He overcame a ton and this book teaches you step by step how not to be broke! Buy it!

Must for all gym owners

By Amazon Customer on October 14, 2021 🇬🇧
Practical tips from someone that's been there and done it..... Thousands of times. Newbies and experienced gym owners can learn something from this.

INSIDE Gym Launch Secrets

Learn The EXACT Models to Get More Clients

  • Use the 8-Step Irresistible Offer Formula to make your membership offer nearly impossible to say “no” to, without even changing your service. (Honestly, this makes sales simple for people who hate sales.)
  • Client Financed Acquisition is essentially getting your current customers to pay for your marketing budget. This is how our gyms use "other people's money" to scale rapidly and make "marketing budgets" virtually a thing of the past.
  • Our proven Lead Generation Scrambler that shows you how to create never-ending high-converting ad variations WITHOUT expensive software or prior marketing experience.
  • The "Icing" Front End Cash Process that teaches you how to make money WHILE customers "try-out" your gym.
  • The "Thomas Jefferson" Trainer Hack to teach your trainers how to upsell all your members FOR YOU

Learn How to Earn More From Your Current Clients

  • The 3 "Profit Maximizing" Price Levers... you can use to learn how to repackage your membership & billing cycles TOMORROW & make more per customer. (Seriously, just one of them can increase your yearly revenue by 7.7% without a single change in fulfillment)
  • The Money Math Gym Formula I literally spent years figuring this out with my 6 gyms. It is the formula that teaches normal gyms how to be Super Gyms. Don't run your gym another day without it.
  • Our infamous "Rate Increase Letter"... This single letter will teach you how to add thousands to your EFT.
  • The "Bolt-On" Revenue System… Learn how to tack on as much as $200 per month per customer. Simply by adding 2 obvious questions to your onboarding process (that most of them say YES to anyway)
  • The $600/mo "One-Yes" Upsell you can use to convert your best customers into cash cows…

Learn How to Minimize Churn and Maximize the Lifetime Value of Your Clients

  • The 5 Horsemen of Retention... Discover these 5 simple processes to help keep your clients coming back while dramatically decreasing churn.
  • The 4-Layered "Wedding Cake" Gym Model...that teaches gyms how to go from a fixed model to 6 Figures+ a month in revenue.
  • Get the Highest Converting Staff Ads for managers, trainers, salespeople and admins… These are the EXACT ads I used when I ran my gym. Honestly, top talent can be had for a lot less that most would imagine.
  • The "Boring But Rich" Blueprint that teaches gyms how to MAXIMIZE profits and keep them consistent
  • The One Page Team Template that gives every employee a roadmap to over deliver to your customers with cyborg-like consistency (this is how we MASSIVELY scaled our company).

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Lindsay M.

"Quit thinking about it and get their system. It's GAINT. This week we've have 52% show rates. Phenomenal!"


"It's a game changer. If you're on the fence. Do yourself a favourand get on the phone!"


"Alex Hormozi and Gym Launch are the real deal. Do your life a favour"


"(On Making $105k+ in one month) For everyone wondering how I did it, I joined Gym Launch, I stopped making excuses, I went all in."


"Sold 5 challenges in the first hour, with the funnel. No sales pitch, no meeting, just boom! This works.


"Gym Launch for life! If you're not in, you are putting your potential on hold. Get on it!"



Gym Launch is a movement for all gym owners to reach more people, change more lives, and build wildly profitable businesses.

Founded in 2016 by gym owners, we've worked with over 5,000 gyms across 22 countries, creating over one hundred $1M/yr gyms and helping thousands of gym owners take home $100,000/yr or more. We've accomplished this through our proprietary Expert Coaching and Education model.









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