Sandy Belmontez

“If you're skeptical, just take action. Get on a call”

Sandy Belmontez

Sandy has an undeniable passion for changing lives through health and fitness, but one thing was standing in her way. The gym she owned, along with her three partners, was struggling. They had an 8,000 sq ft gym to maintain and no strategy to acquire new clients. With the threat of losing their business hanging over them, they decided to hop on a call with Gym Launch. 

They came to Gym Launch making $8k/mo with 3 business partners to pay. Within the first month of Gym Launch they made over $20k and continued to implement the strategies that would help them grow their business. 

Eventually Sandy gained the confidence in herself to operate a gym the way she had always dreamed. By putting people first, and changing more lives she was able to open her own gym with the guidance of her Gym Launch coaches and community. She is continuing to live out her dreams and create a wildly successful business.

Gym Launch isn't an easy button, but it does allow Gym Owners to focus on the aspects of their business that move the needle forward with industry proven tactics.

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