Roy and Tasha Ulrich

"The biggest mistake I ever made was waiting as long as I did..."

Roy and Tasha Ulrich

Roy and Tasha found themselves in a difficult situation that many gym owners fear - having to decide between shutting down their gym or making a significant investment. Owning a business is never easy, especially on your own. For a year, the duo tried everything they could think of, all while staying in touch with Gym Launch.

After a challenging year, Roy and Tasha decided to take the plunge and invest in the value of mentorship and coaching by officially joining the Gym Launch program. They committed to the process and were amazed by the results. In just one week, they made $20k. Within the first month they more than tripled what they had invested in the program.

The first month's success was just the beginning for Roy and Tasha. After a year of working with Gym Launch, they quadrupled their revenue and profit. The biggest lesson they learned was the importance of mentorship and coaching in becoming successful business owners. In Roy's own words, "The biggest mistake I ever made was waiting as long as I did".

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