Neil Bortolus

Skyrocketed from $2,500 to $12,000 monthly!

Neil Bortolus

Before joining Gym Launch, Neil was operating his gym out of his parents' basement and only profiting $2500/mo. Through hard work and guidance he is now operating a successful brick and mortar gym. In January of 2023, Neil took the plunge and joined Gym Launch. With the guidance of experienced coaches, he began to learn the frameworks for creating a wildly profitable gym. By April 2023, Neil's gym profits skyrocketed to $12,000.

But Gym Launch wasn't a magic solution; Neil still had to make the tough decisions and put in the work to transform his gym. Thanks to the support and guidance provided by his coaches, Neil was able to make informed decisions that paid off.

Through Gym Launch, Neil learned key strategies for acquiring new clients and scaling his services. Most importantly, he regained his self-confidence and passion for his gym, turning it into a lucrative business.

"We were stuck. There was no scaling it." These words echoed in Neil's mind as he struggled to grow his gym. With the help of Gym Launch, he overcame this challenge, transforming his struggling business into a prosperous and fulfilling career. With dedication and support from his coaches, Neil turned his life around by taking control of his gym's future.

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