Chelsea Cullen

$30,000 In 30 Days Without Ad Spend

Chelsea Cullen

Chelsea's business appeared successful from the outside, but deep within, she felt stuck, vulnerable, and uncertain about the future. For two years, her revenue stagnated at $500k/year, and it began to decrease slowly month by month. Frustrated and unsure of how to turn things around, Chelsea sought guidance from a Gym Launch coach.

Within the first 30 days of joining Gym Launch, Chelsea's business generated an additional $30k cash from the clients already in her member base. The most critical lesson she learned was that she didn't need hundreds of new leads to grow her business. Instead, she focused on her current clients, helping them achieve better results and retaining them for longer periods.

Gym Launch coaches understand that every business is different and requires a unique solution. For Chelsea, the biggest win has been the ability to take six weeks of travel while her business continues to grow and her bank account accumulates more cash. She says, "That is wild. My life is so changed. This will change your life much more quickly than you expect".

Join Gym Launch today and experience the same transformation and growth as Chelsea. Invest in your business and your life by seeking guidance from our expert coaches who can help you find the unique solutions you need to succeed.

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