The Perfect Sales Process

Do you struggle to close high ticket sales within your gym? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. This proven sales process is what we have used in thousands of gyms to increase their closing rate, and ensure they can close sales at a higher price. 

You have  an ethical obligation to your community to sell people life changing programs that will dramatically  improve their health and quality of life. Your job is simply to make them see the value in your services. Now, let's get into the how. 


Before anyone walks in the door, they should have seen a niched ad copy targeted to them. That means the messages say, “I’m looking for someone exactly like you.” You might be selling memberships to men and women, but you can have separate ads for each demographic. What this does is CALLS OUT YOUR AUDIENCE, and gets their attention.


A few simple lines like “did you see our ad in the local magazine?” or “It’s typically $100 just to set up an appointment with us” can be used as psychological triggers to help

position your gym as the top in-demand facility in your area. This positioning can be used in your ads or your lead nurture process.


Your sales team should be equipped with a testimonial reel. You want the testimonials to overcome perceived obstacles. For Gym Launch, people have preconceived notions like “my market is too small” and “I’m in a poor area.” So our testimonials address all those obstacles. You can use these in your sales meetings or even before your prospects walk in the door. Ideally, use them in both situations.

Overwhelming social proof will put your customers more at ease, and trust in the promises you make. 


Once a prospect walks in, give them a pain-based, pre-sell questionnaire.

Walk them through a list of questions designed to remind them of the pain they’re seeking to solve. This pre-sells them on signing up with you. Some good questions to include are:

● How many times have you tried to lose weight?

● How long have you been out of shape?

● Do you think you can do this on your own?

● Do you want long-term results?

This sets them up for saying yes to your pitch and reinforces in their mind how important this decision is for them.


It’s better for someone else to say how great you are than if you say it yourself. You want to have outside authorities give you credibility in this step. Here are some ways to do that:

● Celebrity endorsement (the President thinks you’re great)

● 3rd party endorsement (publications, media, press clippings)

● Certifications & Degrees (hang them on your walls)

● Thousands of people “just like them” (testimonials showing proof)


This is the sequence for probably every sales consultation you ever need to have in your life. It’s a simple framework and it works.

C-Clarify Why

L- Label the Problem

O-Overview Past Pain

S-Sell the Vacation

E-Explain Away Concern

R-Reinforce Decision

You’re going to clarify why they are there by asking questions. Then keep digging until they present you with a specific problem you can help solve. Then go over their past pain and how they’ve tried to solve the problem already. Then sell the vacation, not the plane flight. That means you only talk about how they’re going to look and feel after you help them (not what foods they can eat or how many workouts they need per week). Next you have to explain away their concerns to get past the “I have to think about it” phase. (We’ll go into that in more detail later.) Lastly, you want to reinforce their decision after they buy. That can be as simple as a post-sale phone call welcoming them to the family.


A perfect sales process won’t work if the offer isn’t great. Here are some elements of a great offer. Try to have as many of them in your offers as you can…

  • Bribe
  • Crazy Guarantee
  • Same Day Bonuses
  • Scarcity (only 2 spots left)
  • Urgency (session starts tomorrow)
  • Payment Plans / Financing


Once you’ve presented the offer, tell them they can have version 1 or version 2 of the offer. Which one would they prefer? You’re taking away the option to say “no” by offering two “yes” options. Assuming a close is the only way to get 90% of people to buy because they don’t realize they’re being sold.


When they’ve signed up, give them some swag, send them a hand-written card, call them to welcome them to the family. All these things reinforce the purchase decision and go a long way towards a great customer experience and longer retention. Use this framework every time you or your sales team talks to prospects and you’ll dramatically increase your close rate.


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