How to Overcome Sales Objections In Your Gym

When it comes to sales, there are usually 3 main objections that you will encounter. We’re going to show you every single successful objection overcome that you can use to dodge these objections like a professional and close more high ticket deals.

We will break down each category of objections: The Delay, Decision Maker & Price/Value objection, so you can close even the toughest buyers.


If you’ve ever heard someone say “I have to think about it first”, you've heard a delay objection. 

Before we get into how to overcome this objection it's important to understand that decisions are made in an instant. The goal is to show them that not deciding today IS a decision, and it’s not the one that's in their best interest. 

To overcome this you could say something like, “You’ve been wanting to do this for years, how is an extra day going to help?” or “not acting today would be a step in the wrong direction. What will it say about you if you walk out that door?” “You have made it this far to come in, how likely are you to come back if you don't sign up today?”

It is also beneficial to show them the options or other likely outcomes if they don't join today …

… “Let's look at the options if you dont join today”. “It will take you longer to reach your goals, etc.”

… “You could try X,Y, Z like you have in the past and still fail OR you could work with me and my money back guarantee and not waste anymore money”

… “What is your biggest fear around signing up?”

The biggest thing is to show them the cost of delaying this decision. 


The decision maker objection can be the most frustrating one because it can be hard to get someone to say yes, when they feel like they don't have the power to. BUT good news is it’s still possible to get around. 

One tactic I like to use here is asking– are you looking for permission from your spouse, or support?

From there you can ask follow up questions like: Does your spouse approve of your current situation? If they answer no, then you can say “Great, then I’m sure they support you doing something to change it”.

Another simple sequence is to say “hey if your spouse is anything like mine they would never say no to something that I really want and  is going to better me. Do you really want this?” If they say yes then: “great, let's get you signed up then”.

The biggest thing in handling a decision maker objection is to make sure the decision maker knows that they are there, and that they want this change for the prospect as well.

Usually after the spousal objection is cut away, it reveals the real objection which is price. Let's cover that one next.


When the objection around money comes up it is typically because you haven't presented enough value during the course of your sales pitch. 

We vote with our dollar. The prospect's money is going to whatever they deem highest priority or most valuable. If your program hasn’t proven to be more valuable than the other things they put their money towards, they're not going to prioritize it. 

In this case, it could be going out to eat, or other ‘wants’ that they don't want to give up. At this point it's important to point this out to the prospect. Do you value X over your health and fitness?

Another overcome is using the “buy nice or buy twice” philosophy. Tell the prospect they can keep trying program after program or they can give yours a shot with a money back guarantee and get the results they've been searching for. 

You can pay for this now OR you can pay more for it later. For example, you can pay for this fitness program that is going to prevent you from needing costly medical intervention down the road.


For fitness professionals these are typically easier to overcome. They sound like: “I'm too old” “What if I fall off the wagon?” “I have a previous injury” “I don't want to get bulky” “I don't want to get hurt”

Some of these can be overcome with having testimonials handy. For example, if someone believes they are too old for your workout program- show them someone around their age that you’ve gotten great results with. This applies to previous injury clients as well- show them that you know how to safely train around injuries.

“What if I fall off the wagon?” Easy, everyone makes mistakes, no one is 100% perfect- we’ll show you how to keep getting results, and adjust what isn't sustainable for you. 

“I’m afraid of getting hurt” Do you think you’ll be safer working out here with a professional, or on your own in a big gym? We will do thorough assessments to make sure you're ready to get out on the gym floor and start training. 

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