How to Use Lead Nurture to Grow and Scale Your Gym

Lead nurture is one of the most important and overlooked pieces in the sales process. Take a look at how, when done right, it can massively increase your sales. 

If you would like to make LESS money, help LESS people, and NOT grow your gym, have minimal contact with your prospects.

BUT if you would like to learn how to make MORE money, help MORE people, and GROW a wildly profitable business, read on.

We use the 4 Pillars of Lead Nurture to increase sales.

Lead nurture gets overlooked, but it's one of the most important if not the most important thing you can do for your business because getting leads is really cool, but getting leads just means you spent money or you worked your butt off to get the leads. 

They mean nothing if they don't show, so that you have an opportunity to actually sell them.

So let's look at The 4 Pillars of Lead Nurture and how you can utilize this right now to increase your show rate so you can close more people and change more lives.


The first lesson in lead nurture is speed. Optimally you want to reach out to a lead within 90 seconds of them opting in but under five minutes is ideal. The goal is to get them in and scheduled within 24 to 48 hours. The longer they wait to come in, the less likely they are to show up to the appointment.

So what does the initial reach out look like? You should be picking up the phone and calling them: “Hey prospect! I see you just opted into our 6 week challenge! Can't wait to get you booked to come into the facility!”

If they dont answer– double dial, then text them. Don’t leave a voicemail. You want to get the conversation going as quickly as possible so shoot them a text. 

Your speed to reply is also crucial- If you get a 10pm message from a prospect- reply. There are no days off in lead nurture, just like there are no days off in building a relationship. 


If you’re afraid of bothering people– throw that belief out the window, it's holding you back. Volume is the most overlooked piece of this framework because of that exact reason.

People need constant reminders. Here’s what that looks like:

Day 1:

1st reach out → less than 5 minutes after opt in

2nd reach out → 60 mins after opt in

3rd reach out → 2 hours after opt in

Days 2-4:

Once in the morning

Once in the afternoon

Once in the evening

Days 5-10:

Twice per day

Days 11-20:

Once per day

Day 21-30:

One end of day reminder

This continues until the lead comes into the facility. Have fun with your reach outs. You can add GIFs, memes, images, anything that shows the personality of you and your gym. 


Personalizing your reach outs will make the lead way more likely to want to come into your facility. There’s a number of ways to do this during the lead nurture phase

One example is to use multi channel reach outs. You can search for their profile on Instagram, or Facebook and shoot them a DM, you can send an email or text, you can call them- switch it up and make sure they are seeing your reach outs.

Another important part of personalization is figuring out the lead’s goals. Do they want to lose weight? Gain strength? Put on muscle? Understanding why they opted in will help you grow the connection AND be able to sell more effectively when they do come in.

Try out different ways of reaching out: “Hey____!”, “Prospect Name!...” , etc. (Pro Tip: “first name?” works really well for reaching out to a prospect who hasn't been responding for a while)

When you go the phone call route, tonality matters. Leads want to know that you're stoked that they are considering coming in. Another pro tip is to smile before you pick up the phone to make the call. It will come through in your voice that you're excited to talk to them. 


This is where most gym owners fumble the bag. A great way to sell less product is to close your store for half the day. Same thing applies with your gym. 

You should have open sales appointments every single day of the week. 

The times and hours we have found to be the best are: Monday through Friday 9am to 12pm AND 3pm to 7pm.

You can also double book every time slot if you want to really crank things up since only 50% of leads typically show, so you end up gaining efficiency if you are booked out by doubling up your sales times. Sales appointments should be available every 30 minutes. 


Let’s just say you or your team aren't so great at selling and you only close half of the appointments that come in the door.

With not so stellar lead nurture you have about 15 new leads coming in per month– that would be about 7 sales.

But let's say even with a not so great sales team, but exceptional lead nurture, you have about 50 sales appointments per month.

That's 25 sales in a month without changing a thing about the sales appointment. 

Now add a stellar sales process and you’ll be closing 90% of those that show up. Check out our 7 Money Models to tackle the sales process and more.

Through the 300,000+ sales appointments we have scheduled we have found that these 4 Pillars of Lead Nurture are the most effective way to up your show percentage and give yourself the chance to make more sales. 


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