How to Create Irresistible Offers

Creating an offer that prospects feel stupid saying no to is always the goal. An irresistible offer brings leads to your door, and also makes the sale much easier– even if you’re not a seasoned sales person. In this article, we will reveal the 8 components that an offer must have to be truly irresistible. 

#1 The Pre-Frame

When a new prospect walks into your facility, their mindset matters. You want their mindset to be positive, and excited to learn more about your program. The pre-frame is accomplished through your marketing message as well as lead nurture (communication leading up to the sales appointment). Social proof and authority positioning during the marketing phase play a huge role in this. If you don’t already have testimonials and 3rd party endorsements in all your marketing—get some!

Be enthusiastic and express how excited you are to meet them and discuss their goals.

#2 Price Anchor

Before you reveal a price to someone, you want to mention a higher price for that or a similar offer. That anchors the higher price in the customer’s mind and allows for a higher perceived value for the offer. You might say “we normally sell this package for $500 a month.” Then you can bring in a lower price and the customer feels like they’re getting a deal. Infomercials have been doing this for decades, and it still works. Even when we know we’re being price anchored—it still works.

#3 Splinter Stack

Splinter Stacking is essentially piling on extras and add-ons to make your offer sound more valuable and attractive. When everything is bundled into one package, it can be seen as less valuable than offering one service for sale, and calling everything included as a “free bonus”. For example, let’s say your current offering is unlimited class sessions, and you include a nutrition consultation, a shaker bottle, and a body composition analysis to all new members. Instead of positioning it as the basic membership you would promote it as…

Now, when you sign up for a membership we’ll include these FREE bonuses:

  • FREE shaker bottle
  • Fitness consultation
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Accountability Check-Ins

When customers see those items broken out in a list they think wow, I didn’t even think about that, but I totally need it!

#4 Scarcity and Urgency

Scarcity and urgency is positioning your offer as time oriented, or “for a limited time/quantity”. For example: “We only have 10 spots available!”, “This offer is only available until the end of the month!”, “Available only to the first 16 sign ups!”. “The offer ends Sunday at Midnight”, etc.

Bonus if you include both. For example: “This offer ends Sunday at Midnight– PLUS the first 10 to sign up will receive a FREE t-shirt!”. 

#6 Crazy Guarantee

Guarantees are a great way to crush objections before they even come up by removing the risk from the decision. A guarantee also makes sure you and your staff are holding up your side of the bargain and providing exceptional service (of course this requires you to have exceptional service before you begin selling, so always start there).  Plus having a guarantee helps your salesperson to sell with conviction: “By the way, we have a double your money back guarantee. That’s how good we are”. It’s hard to say no to a no-risk investment. 

#7 Ethical Bribe

When you’re selling an ongoing (continuity) membership, it’s a great idea to give away a high-value product as a free bribe. An example would be, “You get our $2,000 nutrition program free today when you become a member.” There are lots of different businesses that use this strategy, especially in the medical space.

#8 Downsell Your Upsell

To put it in basic terms: Provide a reduced price if the prospect decides to stay longer. First, start a prospect out with a high-ticket front end offer. Then when you sell them into a longer term membership, show them that their monthly rate is LESS than the cost of the program, and is packed with MORE incentives for them. 


Next time you go to market and sell your services use this checklist. We can promise you’ll sell more and your customers will have even better results.