GymCon 2024: A Peek into the World’s Largest Conference For Gym Owners

Did you miss GymCon? No problem, we're breaking down the highlights. 

If you were in attendance at GymCon 2024 in Orlando Florida, you’ll know exactly what we mean when we say the room was electric. Gym Owners are naturally passionate, top performers, but when you get them all in the same room to learn and share ideas– you can feel the buzz of motivation in the room. 

If you missed the event this year, we’re not going to sugarcoat it– you missed out on an invaluable fire lit under you and incredible gym growth strategies from our speakers and panelists. Since we can’t bear to see you miss all the fun– we’ve compiled some of our top moments from the event here.


Gym Launch CEO, Cale Owen, led the audience through the journey of building a wildly profitable gym over the course of three days. By taking his own gym from losing $3-4k/mo to becoming a 7-figure gym owner with a profitable exit, and teaching over 5,000 gyms how to do the same– he is full of lessons. Any scenario you could imagine in your gym– he covered it this weekend from what you should charge your clients, to when to expand, how to retain members, when to bill clients, who to hire and when, how many training sessions you should hold in a day… The list goes on and on.

Our biggest takeaway from Cale’s Presentations…

“The money isn’t just for us. It’s for us to go out and help more people”

Following money making frameworks isn't selfish. At the end of the day, the more successful you are financially, the more you can give back. Every member you add, is a life changed– and that’s worth fighting for.


Leila Hormozi is the master of growing loyal, and efficient teams. She has been the driving force behind the operational growth of powerhouse companies like Gym Launch and If you were lucky enough to be in the room for her presentation, she taught a very valuable lesson about why employees choose to stay, or leave their jobs. 

Did you know 57% of employees leave their job because of a boss or manager? How an employee is treated is the driving force behind how they perform and how long they stay. 

Her biggest advice to combat employee churn, and create employees who do their jobs well?...

“Create a business where people genuinely love working”.

Check out her Instagram profile for more insight on growing and scaling a team. 


You may think someone as successful and established as Dan Solomon had a mentor who helped him climb the ranks to President of Mr. Olympia, but for him he contributes his success to just “getting sh*t done because I didn't have a choice”. Refreshingly, Solomon shared he’s no different than anyone else in the room- he simply had a goal and worked day in and day out to make it happen, because quitting was never a choice in his eyes.

Without people in the industry giving him a chance to see what he could do, he never would have reached the heights that he has. Our biggest takeaway for gym owners looking to grow massively successful businesses was Solomon’s statement on leading a team…

“You’re doing your gyms a major disservice by limiting your employees” .

Today he runs multiple companies including Mr. Olympia, Muscle and Fitness, Hers, and more within his portfolio. Check out more insight and follow along with Dan Solomon, here


Founder of Gym Launch, Alex Hormozi is a returning favorite speaker to GymCon. This year his presentation woke up the crowd and provided Gym Owners a powerful reminder…

“You need to raise your standards. If the vast majority of the team in your gym is mediocre, I guarantee your gym is mediocre”.

As much as you may like someone, that’s never a good enough reason to keep an employee around who is bringing down the gym, and the rest of your team. Everyone has that one employee who they think “Maybe this will be the month they turn things around, and start actually doing what I ask”. Hormozi brought the room back to reality: They never do. Fire the weak link before they bring down the whole business.


The top 1% of gym owners have all mastered the art of sales. Eli Wilde, the top corporate trainer for Tony Robbins, has helped thousands of business owners increase their sales. Attendees at GymCon received a masterclass in how to stop standing in your own way of increasing sales. Sales is a game of psychology, and once you’ve mastered it, the possibilities are endless in how far you can grow your gym.

“People don’t respond to what you say, they respond to who you are.”

Confidence is essential in sales. It’s also essential to put in the work yourself to show others what’s possible…

“You can’t teach what you don’t know and you can’t lead where you won’t go.”


Each and everyone of our speakers and panelists brought priceless insights to GymCon– We could only share 1% with you here. Don't miss GymCon 2025 if you want the blueprint to a million dollar gym– guaranteed.

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